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Established 2003

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This site is YOUR neighbourhood site,  bringing you all the latest news and activities within your own neighborhood. 

  This web site is like your neighbourhoods interactive newsletter, promoting good neighbour relations, helping neighbour to meet neighbour and bringing you awareness of what takes place and is available in your neighbourhood.
You and your neighbours can use this FREE site to share your news,  services and concerns  about your neighbourhood . You can share your  upcoming Garage Sale, Hobby or Activity,  articles For Sale or Services you offer.
Any Home based businesses of ta neighbourhood resident can be advertised on this site for FREE. All additions are welcome and provide our Neighbourhood entrepreneurs with a Free Venue to  promote or kick start their home business.
You may share News ,Comment on neighbourhood changes,  proposals or problems, post Notices of upcoming events, charity or fund raisers or anything else that happens in, or effects your  Neighbourhood. Or simply introduce yourself to your neighbours.

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This Site is dedicated to the  Memory of Brandyn Miller
To all the people that use this Neighbourhood Web Site. Your site was developed by Brandyn Miller while he was awaiting a Heart/Lung Transplant. He created this and other Neighbourhood sites as a start of a business that he wanted to pursue once he received those long awaited organs.
On May 16th ,2005 we got the call that they had his new organs available.  He went into his surgery with a happy grin and total belief that he would wake up with a new future.
He fought long and hard to stay with us, but on Tuesday May 17th he lost that fight.
 Your web site will continue, with the help of his techie friends as a legacy
and tribute to  “My Brave Son- Brandyn”
Thank you all for making his project successful and giving him such a wonderful feeling of accomplishment and community involvement.
PLEASE continue to help make this site grow, in honor of Brandyn,
We are determined that these sites will continue where he could not.



” It’s Miller Time”




Privacy: Any information submitted regarding Name, Address or contact, that is not authorized as part of the necessary info attached to a submission, is necessary to verify that person as a community resident , having FREE use of this community site. This information is exclusive to the Webmaster and sponsor of  this site . By submitting information to this site you agree that the webmaster and the Sponsor may contact  the persons named on the submit form with web, product, service and real estate related information and updates. This information WILL NOT be distributed to any other parties in any form whatsoever and ONLY the information you authorized will be published on this site/internet. Further: All content submitted by Residents will be previewed and censored for appropriate content prior to uploading to this site.

Disclaimer: Content and Links to External Websites:

This website contains links or pointers to information created and maintained by other organizations. We are not responsible for the content of these linked websites and do not control or guarantee their accuracy or reliability. Any Information in these links is not endorsed, nor verified as true or absolute. All Parties using this site should verify the authenticity and/or legitimacy of all content before relying on such information. InMyNeighbourhood and its principals are not legally or financial responsible in any way for any losses or damages resulting from the use of this site.
 All information that is submitted  by residents of the area  is previewed  for inappropriate content only, but is not verified for accuracy of information or 3rd party links prior to uploading to this site.